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DJ & Lighting Service Enhancements

Monogram Projections

Want to take you décor to the next level at a wedding or corporate event?  Whether it’s personalized by the couple’s name, couple’s initials, branded logo, or theme, we can create a custom monogram to be projected on the wall, floor, or ceiling for your event.

Up Lighting

Looking to change the look and feel of your event space?  Our up lights are just what you need.  Up lighting has become popular and a necessity for almost all weddings and events.  Just a few lights that match you wedding décor color or theme, can dramatically alter how you feel about your event space.  The lighting turns a boring room into an extraordinary experience.  Lighting makes everything look better from the event space, to taking your pictures.

Dance/Party Lighting

Looking to add some excitement and color to your event?  Our dance floor lighting adds excitement and makes moods change while dancing.  Reid DJ Company wants to energize the crowd with dance lighting and allow the lights to bring life to the party.